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Hello and welcome to Web-ondemand Services, the premier platform for delivering web services and online solutions to the CAM sector.

The world is quickly moving online and this new technology has given us unparalleled access to information, education and communication virtually. It is now more important than ever before to host your business, products, courses and teachings on an online platform, which also gives your customers all over the world access to all your information in the click of a button.

However, technology, websites and online meetings can be daunting to some, particularly if you have no experience of working in this way. That is where we come in! Web-ondemand Services are here to help with everything from hosting a virtual event, building your online courses and marketing your events to building your online platform, selling your online courses and hosting a variety of digital services.

We help you to side step the stress of technology by supplying the web on demand, personalised services to you. We make sure that everything is as user friendly as possible to ensure access from anyone at any time.

Give yourself the time to focus on your business, courses and events by letting us take care of the technical stuff. Do not get left behind and make sure you are ahead of the curve, with the support and expertise of Web-ondemand Services behind you every step of the way.


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Here at Web-ondemand, we are fortunate enough to have a library full of information for those in the CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) sector as a result of our partnerships with some industry leading companies. Click below to view our store of resources, both free and paid for!

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