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AACP Conference Recordings

AACP Virtual Conference 2023 (Members)

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AACP Virtual Conference 2023 (Non-Members)

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AACP Virtual Conference 2022 (Members)

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AACP Virtual Conference 2022 (Non Members)

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AACP Virtual Conference 2021 (Members)

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AACP Virtual Conference 2021 (Non-Members)

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AACP Free Video Library


The Adrenal Glands, Diagnosis and Treatment

Andy Harrop MBAcC


Acupuncture for Pregnancy related Pelvic Girdle Pain and Lower Back Pain

Cheryl Mason


The Interaction and outcomes of Acupuncture

Chris Boynes


Acupressure in the Treatment of Neurological Conditions

John Cross


Utilising Acupuncture for improving outcomes for Injuries, treatment & Performance

Johnny Wilson


London Conference 2019

Kevin Young


Acupuncture and Low Back Pain

Lesley Pattenden


A Western Medical Acupuncture Approach for Recovery and Regeneration in Professional Athletes 

Sue Falsone


TCM and Acupuncture in the Omics era 

Prof Giovanna Franconi


Acupuncture - Physiological Background: Implications For Its Use

Thomas Lundeberg


What God forgot to tell surgeons, Qi Exists!

Dr Daniel Keown