British Herbal Medicine Association (BHMA)

The British Herbal Medicine Association has represented the interests of herbal medicine in the United Kingdom for almost 50 years. It was founded in 1964 at a time of increasing regulatory control, when herbal medicine in this country faced an uncertain future, and played an important role in convincing the government of the day to include provisions for the herbal industry and profession in the Medicines Act 1968.

Members of the Association include manufacturers of herbal medicines, herbal practitioners, companies involved in the supply of herbal raw materials and extracts, academics, pharmacists, retailers and students of phytotherapy. The Board endeavours to support the members through a range of activities and keeps a close watch on legislative developments affecting herbal medicine, liaising with regulatory authorities, industry forums and the media, providing advice and comment on new EU or UK legislation and guidelines, and commenting on specific issues.

BHMA Conference: 

Regulatory & Scientific Updates from Across the Herbal Sector

This conference took place on Thursday 17th June. You can view the recordings on the link below. 

Agenda for the BHMA conference

11.45 am: Euan MacLennan Head of Herbal Team - Pukka Herbs - Andrographis and other immunomodulating herbs: research, quality and supply.

12.15 pm: Questions and answers 

12.20 pm: Dr Mathias Schmidt Consultant - HerbResearch - What’s Happening  with Herbal Medicine in Germany and EUROPE?

12.55 pm: Questions and answers 

1.00 pm: Lunch

2.00 pm: Maria Charlton Quality, Technical and NPD Leader - Organic Herb Trading Company - The OHTC’s Experience With the HPSS’ Good Herbal Manufacture and Supply Standard Assessment.

2.10 pm: Questions and answers

2.15 pm: Leigh Henderson Unit Manager, Benefit Risk Management Group - Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency - The Yellow Card scheme and pharmacovigilance of herbal medicinal products.

2.45 pm: Questions and answers

2.50 pm: Dr Bob Allkin Unit Manager - Royal Botanical Gardens Kew - Plants and Herbal Substances: Ensuring Scientific Rigour and Improving Communication

3.15 pm: Questions and answers

3.20 pm: Tea break

3.30 pm: Mark Blumenthal Founder & Executive Director - American Botanical Council - Best Practices Contract Language and Standard Operating Procedure Templates for the Disposal/Destruction of Irreparably Defective Articles.

3.55 pm: Questions and answers 

4.00 pm: Panel Discussion

4.30 pm: Socialising and further discussion in breakout room (please bring your own refreshments!)

4.30 pm: Finish 

View BHMA 2021 Conference recordings here

Dr Chris Etheridge

Christopher Etheridge is a leading Medical Herbalist (Phytotherapist) with extensive experience as a herbal practitioner, published researcher and writer.

Chris is Chair of the British Herbal Medicine Association (BHMA), Chair of the Herbal Practitioner Supplier’s Scheme (HPSS), President of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy (CPP) and President of the European Herbal and Traditional Medicines Professional Association (EHTPA).

Mark Blumenthal

Mark Blumenthal is the Founder and Executive Director of the American Botanical Council (ABC), an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to disseminating accurate, reliable, and responsible information on herbs and medicinal plants. He is the Editor/Publisher of HerbalGram, an international, peer-reviewed quarterly journal, the contents of which reflect the educational goals of ABC. Mark has served as Co-Founder and former Vice-President of the Herb Research Foundation (HRF) and President of the Herb Trade Association. He was also a founding board member of the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA).

Leigh Henderson

Leigh Henderson has worked for the MHRA for 19 years, involved with the pharmacovigilance of herbal medicines since 1999. As a manager in the Benefit Risk Management Group she is responsible for monitoring the
safety of broad range of medicines and introducing risk minimisation
measures in response to new safety issues across a broad range of medicines in multiple therapeutic areas and includes herbal medicines.

Euan MacLennan

As well as heading up Pukka’s herbal team, Euan also keeps engaged in clinical practice at an NHS General Practice in Central London. Having spent many years teaching clinical medicine, Euan is also conducting a clinical doctorate in gastrointestinal medicine at the University of Bath.

Dr Bob Allkin

Bob Allkin manages Kew's Medicinal Plant Names Services. MPNS catalogues and resolves the ambiguous and inconsistent terminologies employed by regulators, researchers, suppliers and practitioners when referring to medicinal plants, ingredients and herbal substances.  MPNS maps these terms to Kew's botanical taxonomy and supplies "controlled vocabularies" e.g. for the ISO-IDMP drug standard. MPNS partners include World Health Organisation, World Intellectual Property Organisation, US FDA as well as research groups and government agencies in many countries. 

View BHMA 2021 Conference recordings here

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