College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy

The CPP is a professional membership organisation that sets the highest standards of practice in herbal medicine. All new members are qualified to university level 6, have undergone a final clinical exam, and have a minimum of 500 hours of clinical training.

Our members’ practices are focused on herbal medicine or phytotherapy. The CPP’s mission is to be an exemplar for this practice, as a strong and effective therapeutic discipline in its own right and as a significant part of the healthcare spectrum.

The CPP has a growing membership and attracts qualified herbalists, mainly from Britain, with a growing list of members from around the world. CPP members recognise excellence in practice, following a high quality of training in physiology, pathology, differential diagnosis, clinical medicine, pharmacology and nutrition. Members have an understanding of diagnostic and therapeutic skills and techniques, a solid understanding and appreciation of our medicinal herbs and constituents, and a continued desire to learn how these tools together promote health.

Core to the CPP mission is integrating herbal and mainstream medical health care through improving mutual understanding and sharing knowledge. To maintain membership our members are required to attend our Continual Professional Development (CPD) seminars and training workshops each year. These seminars provide the latest scientific developments in medical and herbal research and are a forum for learning, discussion, pooling of ideas and theories, as well as meeting with colleagues. Seminars are also attended by non-herbal colleagues, pharmacists, the nursing profession, scientists, and registered medical practitioners: this nurtures an important cross-disciplinary culture among the CPP membership.

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CPP Conference: 


Routes of Administration in Herbal Practice - Saturday 2nd October


Agenda for the Conference

11.30 am: Introduction to the morning session - Chair: Dr Chris Etheridge

11.35 am: Sue McCrea: Advantages and disadvantages of different Routes of Administration and promoting healing in cancer wounds

12.05 pm: Questions and answers

12.10 pm: Melissa Ronaldson Anecdotal experiences of nasal snuffs in anxiety and chronic sinusitis - a discussion and demonstration

12.30 pm: Dr Rosari Kingston: A herbalist's approach to cardiovascular insufficiency and diabetes

1.00 pm: Questions and answers 

1.05 pm: Lunch                                                                  

2.00 pm: Introduction to the afternoon session Chair: Dr Chris Etheridge

2.05pm: Anna Newton: Topical treatments for infections; boils, fungal infections, cellulitis and in post-operative swollen limbs

2.35 pm: Questions and answers

2.40 pm: Alison Denham: Creams: Viscous emulsions and Hein Zeylstra’s ointment

3.00 pm: Questions and answers

3.05 pm: Tea Break

3.20 pm: Dr Chris Etheridge: Treatment of otitis media in children and topical turmeric in fungating cancer wounds  

3.40 pm: Dr Saul Berkovitz: Topical Herbal Therapy for Chronic Rhinosinusitis        

3.55 pm: Boaz Zur: Ointments and creams for all sorts of conditions

4.05 pm: Questions and answers and an opportunity for herbalists to share their topical approaches                               

4.30 pm: Time for socialising and further discussion in breakout room

5.30 pm: End


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Dr Chris Etheridge

Christopher Etheridge is a leading Medical Herbalist (Phytotherapist) with extensive experience as a herbal practitioner, researcher and writer. He is also one of Britain's foremost Integrated Cancer Specialists with his own dedicated cancer consultancy.

Chris is President of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy (CPP), President of the European Herbal and Traditional Medicines Professional Association (EHTPA), Chair of the British Herbal Medicine Association (BHMA) and Chair of the Herbal Practitioner Supplier’s Scheme (HPSS).

Dr Rosari Kingston

Dr Rosari Kingston is a professionally qualified medical herbalist based in West Cork, Ireland. In addition to running a practice, she lectures, writes, and carries out research. Dr Kingston combines the Irish herbal physician tradition, which flourished in Ireland until the early 17th century, with modern medical knowledge and the latest research. she is a member of the Irish Institute of Medical Herbalists, a professional body committed to the highest standard of training for herbalists.

Melissa Ronaldson

Melissa Ronaldson qualified with a Bachelor of Science in Herbal Medicine in 2000 and has been in practice ever since. This practice has been varied and diverse; Melissa has worked at a mental health and arts project in Hackney; traditional medicine projects in Ecuador and in Peru; a school roof garden in Haringey; first aid posts at Glastonbury and other festivals – and more recently the refugee camps in Northern France. It was at the herbal first aid post at Glastonbury that the first Herbal Snuff recipes were launched in 2007. Melissa devised the ‘counselling skills for herbalists’ module for the Heartwood Professional Herbal Medicine online course and is currently a tutor and clinic supervisor for Heartwood.
Her home practice is an established clinic, teaching space and apothecary based on a boat on the River Lea in North and North East London.

Boaz Zur

Boaz Zur studied herbalism at the College of Phytotherapy in East Sussex. He graduated the University of Wales validated course in 2003 with a first class honours BSc degree. Since 2006, Boaz has been practising Herbal medicine in his local clinic/workshop, treating patients, wild harvesting some local healing plants, producing his own tinctures, creams and ointments, leading herb walks and running herb lectures and short classes for the general public. In addition, Boaz has approximately ten years’ experience of teaching Materia Medica to Naturopathy students at alternative medicine colleges in Israel. He was a member of the Israeli Herbal Association managing board for six years, helping to promote the field of herbal medicine in Israel.

Dr Saul Berkovitz

Dr Saul Berkovitz graduated from Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School in 1993. After obtaining MRCP, he studied and worked at Royal London Homeopathic Hospital (now the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, (RLHIM), part of University College London Hospitals NHS Trust), obtaining MFHom in 1998. He was fortunate to train as the UK's first 'Integrated Medicine' specialist registrar, between the Whittington Hospital, London (as a respiratory medicine registrar) and the RLHH, obtaining his CCST in 2004. After a 'gap year' in New Zealand and the Far East, he became a consultant physician at the RLHIM and since 2014 has been its Clinical Director. Saul sees patients with a variety of chronic medical problems, including chronic fatigue syndrome, allergy, and internal medicine disorders. He studied Western herbal medicine at the University of East London, qualifying in 2006, and set up the first fully NHS-funded Western herbal medicine service in 2007.

Alison Denham

Alison Denham qualified as a herbal practitioner in 1984 and practised in Leeds until retiring a couple of years ago. Alison taught on the BSc Herbal Medicine and then the e-learning MSc programmes in Herbal Medicine at the University of Central Lancashire until 2016. Publications include: Tobyn, G., Denham, A., & Whitelegg, M. (2011, 2016 reprint). The western herbal tradition: 2000 years of medicinal plant knowledge. London: Singing Dragon. The focus of her current research is on the publications of John Skelton (1805-1880) who was a leading Chartist and later a prominent herbal practitioner.

Sue McCrea

Sue McCrea qualified as a medical herbalist in 2005 through the College of Phytotherapy in East Sussex and has a busy practice in Rugby and South Leicestershire. Sue is currently very interested in and treating patients in her clinic for long covid and complex, chronic conditions. She has experience in managing and treating a wide range of conditions across the spectrum of age groups.  Sue also has MSc in advanced clinical practice and works as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in the GP out of hour’s service mainly carrying out urgent visits to acutely ill patients in their own homes, residential/nursing homes and community hospitals. She has a special interest in palliative and end of life care.  She also has a background in midwifery and has wide experience working as a specialist health visitor to vulnerable groups such as substance misusers, victims of domestic violence, child sexual exploitation, trafficking, asylum seekers, refugees and migrants.

Anna Newton

Anna Newton was born in Poland and brought up in an environment where herbal home treatment was a normal part of everyday life. She has lived in Britain for the past 40 years.  After working for several years as a computer animator for natural history TV programmes she decided to change her career and qualified as a medical herbalist in 2002 at the College of Phytotherapy.  Currently she practises at Neal’s Yard Remedies in Cheltenham where she also regularly runs courses on self-treatment with herbs. She is passionate about teaching people to use herbs at home and has published a book “Herbs for home treatment: a guide to using herbs for first aid and common health problems” (Green Books).

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